Jeanne Bourgeois (1666 – 1716)

Name Jeanne Bourgeois
Date of Birth 1666
Place of Birth  
Date of Marriage 1689
Date of Death 1716-06
Place of Death Port Royal
Daughter of
& of
Jacques Bourgeois
Jeanne Trahan
Name Pierre Comeau
Date of Birth 1658
Place of Birth Port-Royal
Place of Marriage Port-Royal
Date of Death 1740
Place of Death Port-Royal
Son of
& of
Pierre Comeau
Rose Bayols


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Pierre Comeau 1690-06-07 Port Royal 1706-07-28 Port Royal    
Anne Comeau 1691 Port Royal 1713    
Françoise Comeau 1692 Port Royal     1709-10-29 Antoine Brun
Jeanne Comeau c. 1698 Port Royal     1705-10-12 Etienne Martin
Francois Comeau 1701 Port Royal 1785 St. Bernard NS 1726
Marie Madelein L'Or
Madeleine Pitre
Pierre Comeau 1705-07-27 Port Royal 1707 Port Royal    
Alexandre Comeau 1707 Port Royal 1715 Port Royal    
Madeleine Comeau 1713 Port Royal        
Jeanne Comeau   Port Royal     1715-11-27 Charles Martin

Jeanne Bourgeois, wife of Pierre Comeau dit Loupes Marin, passed away in June 1716, aged about 50 years and was buried 10 June 1716 at Port Royal, Acadia. (Source)