Pierre Comeau (c. 1597 – c.1690)

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Name Pierre Comeau
Date of Birth c. 1597
Place of Birth France
Date of Marriage 1649
Date of Death 1690
Place of Death Port Royal
Son of
& of
Name Rose Bayols
Date of Birth 1631
Place of Birth Dijon, France
Place of Marriage Port Royal
Date of Death before 1686
Place of Death Port Royal
Daughter of
& of
Nicolas Bayols


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Etienne 1650 Port Royal 1723-01-23 Port Royal 1670 Marie-Anne LeFevbre
Catherine 1671-10 Port Royal     1689 Jacques Michel
Alexandre 1674 Port Royal     1700 Marguerite Doucet
Marie 1676 Port Royal     1696 Claude Doucet
Une Fille 1651 Port Royal    
Pierre l'Esturgeon 1653 Port Royal 1720-04-08   1677 Jeanne Bourg
Marie-Anne Comeau        
Abraham Comeau        
Marguerite Comeau        
Anne Comeau        
Marie Jeanne Comeau        
Joseph Comeau        
Pierre Comeau        
Madelaine Comeau        
Angélique Comeau        
Catherine Comeau        
Elisabeth Comeau        
Françoise Comeau        
Cecile Comeau        
Jean Comeau        
François Comeau        
Maurice Comeau        
Ambroise Comeau        
Jacques Comeau        
Anne-Marie 1654 Port Royal 1677 Etienne Rivet
Francoise 1656 Port Royal 1713 Port Royal 1677 Jean Gaudet
Françoise Gaudet            
Jean Gaudet            
Jean 1657 Port Royal 1720-11-03 Port Royal 1679
Francoise Hébert
Catherine Joseph (indigenous)
child c. 1678 Port Royal    
child c. 1678 Port Royal    
Marie c. 1678 Port Royal c. 1709 1697 Pierre Girouard
Pierre (twin) c. 1680 Port Royal c. 1709 1704-01-25 Susanne Joan Bezier Larivière
Étienne (twin) c. 1680 Port Royal c. 1709 Elisabeth Isabelle Levron
Jean-Baptiste c. 1683 Port Royal c. 1709 1713-11-06 Anne-Marie Thibodeau
Anne c. 1686 Port Royal c. 1709 1708-01-17 Louis D'Amour de Chauffours
Marguerite c. 1686 Port Royal
Augustin c. 1688 Port Royal 1714-02-12 Jeanne Levron Nantois
Claude c. 1690 Port Royal
Francois c. 1691 Port Royal 1715-01-07 Marie-Jeanne Soulard
Marie c. 1693 Port Royal
Françoise c. 1694 Port Royal 1710-02-10 Jean-Baptiste Soulard
Alexandre c. 1695 Port Royal 1722-01-17 Marie Bertrand
Madeleine c. 1698 Port Royal 1716-09-30 Pierre Trahan
Marguerite c. 1699 Port Royal 1723-01-23 Ambroise Melanson
Marie-Charlotte Port Royal c. 1720 Jean Trahan
Joseph 1703 Port Royal 1736-08-13
Brigitte Levron
Madeleine Girouard
Anne-Judith 1705-08-18 Port Royal 1726-02-26
René Gisé des Rosiers
Charles Richard
Françoise 1720-11-22 Port Royal 1741-06-10 Michel Daniel
Pierre Loups Marins 1658 Port Royal 1740 Port Royal 1689 Jeanne Bourgeois
Pierre Comeau 1690-06-07 Port Royal 1706-07-28 Port Royal    
Ann Comeau 1691 Port Royal 1713 Port Royal    
Françoise Comeau 1692 Port Royal     1709-10-29 Antoine Brun
Jeanne Comeau c. 1698 Port Royal     1705-10-12 Etienne Martin
Francois Comeau 1701 Port Royal 1785 St. Bernard NS 1726
Marie Madelein L'Or
Madeleine Pitre
Pierre Comeau 1705-07-27 Port Royal 1785 Port Royal    
Alexandre Comeau 1707 Port Royal 1715 Port Royal    
Medeleine Comeau 1713 Port Royal        
Jeanne Comeau         1715-11-27 Charles Martin
Jeanne 1659 Port Royal   Rivè re-aux-Canards 1673 Etienne Hébert
Antoine 1661 Port Royal        
Mary Coombs 1689 Salem, Mass        
Peter Coombs 1691 Salem, Mass        
Tabitha Coombs 1693 Wenham        
Anthony Coombs 1695 Salem, Mass        
John Coombs 1699-03-18 Rochester, Mass        
Hannah Coombs 1700-11-30 Rochester, Mass        
Rosanna Coombs 1702-11-23 Rochester, Mass        
Ithamer Coombs 1704-11-20 Rochester, Mass        
Joshua Coombs 1706-07-23 Rochester, Mass        
Frances Coombs 1708-07-20 Rochester, Mass        
Jane Coombs 1710-03-29 Rochester, Mass        
Marie 1664 Port Royal     1707-07-10 Claude Pitre
Jean 1665 Port Royal     1689 Catherine Babin (indigenous)

Pierre Comeau is the direct ancestor of the Comeaus of North America. Born in the 1590s, he is the farthest back we can be certain of. In the 20th Century there was speculation that he was connected to the Comeau family of Pouilly-en-Auxois near Dijon, but there is no definitive evidence connecting them. Most genealogies based on 20th Century research continue the line through the Dijon branch to Hubert Comeau born in 1363.

Pierre was a barrel maker, and while no documentation has yet been found tracing his emmigration to Acadia, some speculate it occured in the 1630s with the de Razilly expedition.

One history (PDF) suspects that Pierre was from Normandy, and there is a record of a Pierre present at a baptism in the Netherlands on May 6 1646. This history also mentions a record found in the Rouen Archives, dating to 1595, where Esthienne Commault, ship owner & fisherman is documented with regard to the price of a cod coming from Newfoundland. This history also notes that Pierre had a son named Etienne.

Pierre married Rose Bayols (or Bayons; whose father Nicolas was listed on the St Jehan) in 1649. Pierre was first documented in a 1671 census, which as been reproduced below.

In 2014, a genealogist determined that Anthony Combs of New England was in fact son Antoine Comeau who disapered from the records, as he had moved to New England. His decedents wrote a memoir. (See his record for details).


Stephen A White Entry on Pierre Comeau

1671 Census

  Name Profession Age Implied DOB
Father Pierre Commeaux cooper 75 1596
Mother Rose Bayols wife xx  
  Etienne   21 1650
  Pierre   18 1653
 Jean   14 1657
 Pierre   13 1658
 Antoine   10 1661
 Jean   6 1665
 3 girls  
Cattle 16  
Workable land 6 arp  

1678 Census

  Name Profession Age Implied DOB
Father Pierre Commeaux widower    
  Pierre   18 1660
 Jean   14 1664
 Antoine   17 1661
 Jeanne   16 1662
12 total 4 ox
Workable land 14 arp  
  1 compass  

1686 Census

image of 1686 Census

  Name Profession Age Implied DOB
Father Pierre Commeaux   88 1598
 Jean   21 1665
 Pierre   25 1661
 Antoine   24 1662
Cattle 4  
Pigs 4  
Sheep 12  
Workable land6 arp  

Source Open Archives Netherlands