Antoine Comeau (1661 – c.1728)

Name Antoine Comeau
Date of Birth 1661
Place of Birth Port Royal
Date of Marriage 1688-09-05
Date of Death c. 1728
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
Pierre Comeau
Rose Bayols
Name Dorcas Wooden
Date of Birth 1661-02-10
Place of Birth Salem, Mass
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Mary Coombs 1689 Salem, Mass  
Peter Coombs 1691 Salem, Mass    
Tabitha Coombs 1693 Wenham        
Anthony Coombs 1695      
Infant 1697   1697    
John Coombs 1699-03-18 Rochester, Mass      
Hannah Coombs 1700-11-30 Rochester, Mass      
Rosanna Coombs 1702-11-23 Rochester, Mass      
Ithamer Coombs 1704-11-20 Rochester, Mass      
Joshua Coombs 1706-07-23 Rochester, Mass      
Frances Coombs 1708-07-20 Rochester, Mass      
Jane Coombs 1710-03-29 Rochester, Mass      

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In 2014, the site published an analysis linking Anthony Combs to Antoine Comeau. Antoine's decedents published a memoir in 1913, recording the oral history of how Antoine left Acadia for New England, although by this point it was believed he had emigrated from France.

According to the oral history, Antoine's father Pierre wanted Antoine to become a priest, and Antoine was given a religious education by "an old, monastical priest". This would have been one of the Acadian missionaries of the 1660s-70s. Apparantly Antoine talked with the priest's servent, "an old man who served as waiter to the old priest, and whose wife had been waiting maid to the abbess". This servant introduced Antoine to an English Bible, and Antoine realized he "was a dissenter from the Catholic religion" i.e. a Protestant. This servant converted Antoine to Protestantism. Was the old man a Hugenot?

"If he made know his sentiments he would immediatly be put to death: if he broke his mind to his father, he would show him no mercy." This paints an alarming picture of Pierre, as a rigid and possibly violent man. Antoine however did confide in his mother, and "had often seen her weep at the execution of Huguenots". She told him she too was a Protestant, and had concealled it from Pierre. His mother helped smuggle him out of Acadia, circa 1675. "She provided him with suitable clohing and have him a box of money, and contrived to him conveyed away in a carriage under the cover of night."

On arrival in Maine, Antoine began by going by the name Allister, and passing himself off as a Scotchman.

Anthony Coombs and his Descendents (11.9 MB pdf)
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Married Dorcas Wooden September 5 1688