Marie “Benoite” Comeau (1921 – 1988)

Name Marie Benoite Comeau
Date of Birth 1921-11-21
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Date of Marriage  
Date of Death 1988-11-18
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Daughter of
& of
Charles Celestin Comeau
Marie Anne Comeau
Date of Birth  
Place of Birth  
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Place of Death  
Son of
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In 1986, after the death of her brother Jean-Eudes Comeau, Benoite wrote out the family relationships and history as she knew it:

Compiled by Benoite Comeau circa 1986

This is the name[s] of all my brothers and sisters

My mother and father Charlie Comeau and Marie Anne Comeau got married the 26 October 1909

Here are the children
Joseph Gerard Comeau born 21 February 1911 died at the age of 5. He drowned in the brook behind our house.
Marie Benoite Comeau born 21 November 1912.
Jean Eudes Comeau born 16 September 1914, died 23 February 1986.
Joseph Alphonse Benoit born 2 December 1916 died 12 days’ old.
Marie Helene Comeau born 2 December 1917.
Joseph Leonard Comeau born 20 March 1920 died 15 February 1967 – at the Yarmouth Hospital at the age of 46.
Marie Zelma Comeau born 10 April 1922.
Joseph Armand Comeau born 22 February 1924.
Marie Monique (Minnie) Comeau born 31 May 1926.

What I know of my mother’s side of the family

Her father’s name was Théophile Comeau (Théophile à Zabeth) born in Saulnierville. Her mother’s name was Monique ? she was born in St. Belonie chez les Ferdinand.

The children. I only know them by their name, what they were called (I mean what we called them).

Acapite Comeau
Almé Comeau she was a nun of Les Petites Soeurs de la Sainte Famille a Montreal
Freddie Comeau
Rose Anne Comeau
Ella Comeau she died at about 9 when she was 9 years old
Maggie (Marguerite)

Marie Anne
Marie Elizabeth --twins

This is the family of my father Charlie à Joe à Rosalie

His father’s name Joseph Corneille Comeau they called him Joe à Rosalie born 11 September 1838 died 22 November. They called hime Joe à Rosalie because he was raised by his mother by the name of Rosalie. His father died when he was very young.

His wife
Rosalie Comeau she was a Comeau before marriage born 4 November 1839 died 9 July 1925.

The children
Alphonse Grégroire born 30 August 1865 in Comeauville, in Clare
Marie Anne born 22 March 1867 in Clare
Isaih Charles born 26 October 1868 in Clare died 4 November 1885.
Joseph Moise born 22 June 1870 in Clare.
Marie Malvina born 15 November 1872 in Clare died 12 August 1885.
Marie Néomie born 13 October 1873 in Clare died 12 November 1892.
Marie Elizabeth born 15 March 1875 in Clare.
Marie Rosalie Adelaide born 15 February 1877 in Clare.
George Philippe born 15 March 1878 in Clare died 29 November 1965.

Marie Adel
Marie Sélina - twins born 20 June 1881 in Clare

Marie Adel died 3 August 1881
Marie Sélina died 7 October 1881

Charles Sélestin born 17 May 1883 in Clare died 26 November 1971 at the age of 89.

Here is what I know of the family of Uncle Alphonse (Alphonse à Joe à Rosalie) form Bengar.

The father’s name Alphonse à Joe à Rosalie Comeau born in Comeauville.

The mother’s name Marceline Comeau she was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Benjamine Trahan of Lower Concession.

They had 15 children, here are the names of those I knew.

Arcade who drowned in Eel Lake near Amedee Comeau’s mill.
Zita d”Entremont
Gustave he died in Yarmouth Hospital due to an accident in the mill at about 14 years.
Jeanne Thimot of Saulnierville.
Eva Comeau of Lower Saulnierville.
Rosalie nun of the Good Shepherd in Halifax.
Precille who died in Yarmouth Hospital after a long illness at about 14 years.

This is a copy of my father (Charles à Joe à Rosalie) Baptismal Certificate

On the 19th day of May 1882, I Baptized Charles J.R. Comeau the legitimate child of Jos. R. Comeau and Rosalie Comeau. Born in Comeauville, Nova Scotia on May 17th 1882. Sponsers were Isaie Comeau and Marie Comeau, Signed Rev. Jean M. Gay