Helen Garvie (1857 – 1896)

Name Helen Garvie
Date of Birth 1857-12-12
Place of Birth  
Date of Marriage 1879-04-12
Date of Death 1896-07-30
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of
John Garvie
Jean Sivewright
Name Alexander Hutcheon
Date of Birth 1853
Place of Birth  
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
James Hutcheon
Ann Croll


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
John Hutcheon 1881 Arbroth, UK 1892-07-12  
Helen "Nell" Hutcheon 1882-07-04 Arbroth, UK   William Flannery
James Hutcheon 1884 Arbroth, UK        
William Hutcheon 1885-12-17 Arbroth, UK    
Stewart Hutcheon 1888-05-24      
Lewis Hutcheon 1889-04-01   1963-09    
Annie Hutcheon 1890-10-16     1909-02-22 Dan Flannery
Charles Hutcheon 1892-06-11       Jane Bustard
Elizabeth Hutcheon 1894-09-16 Bairdsville, NB 1983-12-29    
From Robert Osgood's The Hutcheons in Canada:

Helen Garvie was born Dec 17 1857 in Glenbervie, Kincardine, Scotland. Helen and Alexander married in Fordorm Station Scotland on April 12, 1879. They were 26 and 21 years old. She was the daughter of John Garvie and Jane Swainwright. This information is on the “extract of an entry in a register of marriages.” They had nine children, some born in Scotland and others in Canada.