Iva Grace Bean Roix (1913 – 2015)

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Photo 1986

Name Iva Grace Bean Roix
Date of Birth 1913-01-07
Place of Birth Fort Fairfield, ME
Date of Marriage 1936-07-09
Date of Death 2015-06-02
Place of Death Campbellton NB
Daughter of
& of
Dudley Bean (biological)
Joseph Roix (adopted)
Elizabeth Hutcheon
Name Harry Osgood
Date of Birth 1912-07-07
Place of Birth Cabano, QC
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death 1993-07-30
Place of Death Miramichi, NB
Son of
& of
Henry Osgood
Nellie Branch


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Robert Osgood 1938 Campbellton NB 1962 Claire Dow
Robyn Osgood   1992 Christopher Ashwood
Kelly Osgood   1994 Chris Macnab
Steven Osgood   1999 Sheri MacGregor
Helen Osgood 1943 Campbellton NB 1972 Gaston Comeau
Timothy Comeau 1975 Toronto ON  
Michelle Comeau 1976 Toronto ON   2008 Scott Winfield
From Robert Osgood's The Hutcheons in Canada:

Iva remembers her early years at her mother’s sister Annie’s farm in Maine near Presque Isle or Fort Fairfield as good years. She also remembers starting school in Maine. The family moved to Atholville when she was 6 and lived on the “Flat” in Atholville. She was still living there when sister Josephine was born on November 27, 1919.

A short time later they moved to the main road where Joe Roix operated a general store, ice cream parlor, pool room and barber shop. While in her mid-teens, and in high school she received a copy of her birth certificate from her Aunt Nell in Presque Isle which read that her name was Ivah Grace and that her father was Douglas Bean born in Presque Isle and not Joe Roix and her Mother was Lizzie Hutchins born in Andover NB. Dr W G Chamberlin of Fort Fairfield recorded the birth. Please note the attempt to deceive with the slight alteration of names.

This was a shock but it was not discussed and it caused her an unsettled feeling for all of her life. She had had the feeling that her father Joe did not love or want her and the birth certificate cemented the feeling that she was right. She felt that she must tell Harry, her husband to be, and she worried that it would cause him to break off the marriage. No such break took place and Harry did not give it a second thought but it was always in the back of her mind.

Iva left school in June 1930 at the age of 17 after Grade 10 to go to Moncton N.B. to take a Business course in Sept 1930. She left and came home at Christmas to help care for a new sickly sister who eventually died. She worked in the store until the depression caused the store to fail. She also worked at house work for Mrs. Dimock and Mrs. Burns. On July 9, 1936 at the age 23 she married Harry Osgood whom she had known all through her school years.

In 1983 Iva received a letter from Eunice Bean McCrossin who is a first cousin. They met once but then lost contact again.

In 2008 I was searching a genealogy web site and came across a posting looking for two daughters of Dudley Bean. I immediately replied saying I believe that my Mother may be one of the “lost” daughters. Sometime later I made contact with the daughter in law of Dudley’s son Winston and Iva’s half-brother. The end result was that Claire and I visited Winston and his family in Virginia in April 2009. When Winston talked to his siblings a request was made by his brother Lester and his daughters to visit mother. Which they did, in Campbellton N.B in May 2009. They brought pictures of family including one of Dudley. This is the first time Mother has seen an image of her father. The new found family also invited Mother to a Bean family gathering in Maine in July 2009. Mother accepted and is surprised by the size of the new family when approximately 80 members of half-brothers and half-sisters and their off spring welcome long lost Iva to the Bean gang.

She had two children Bob and Helen. Both are married with 3 and 2 children respectively.

Iva passed away June 2, 2015 in Campbellton NB