Marie Madeleine L'Or (1703 – 1763)

Name Marie Madeleine L'Or
Date of Birth 1703-12-14
Place of Birth Port Royal
Date of Marriage 1724-02-22
Date of Death c. 1763-04
Place of Death Restigouche NB
Daughter of
& of
Alexandre L'Or
Françoise Barrieau
Name François Comeau
Date of Birth 1701
Place of Birth Port-Royal
Place of Marriage Port Royal
Date of Death 1785
Place of Death St Bernard NS
Daughter of
& of


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Marie-Joseph Comeau 1727 Petitcoudiac 1807-06-27 St. Mary's Bay NS c. 1750 Jean-Baptiste Bastarache
Justinien Comeau 1729 Peticoudiac 1825-01-23 Metaghan River 1756-02-17 Natalie Bastarache
Amand Comeau 1730 Petitcoudiac     1752-05-09 Marie Babineau
Salvator Comeau 1738 Petitcoudiac   Belliveau's Cove NS 1760-02-06 Anastasie Beliveau
Jean-Baptiste Comeau 1732 Peticoudiac   Comeauville NS   Marie Rose Robichaud
Joseph Comeau 1740-01-30 Peticoudiac 1840 St. Alphone NS   Marguerite Johnston
Francois “Maza” Comeau 1742         Felicité LeBlanc
Anne-Marie Comeau     1867-03-15   ---------------
Jean Saulnier
Augustin Guidry
Charles Comeau            
Firmin Comeau 1764-04-01 Port Royal     1784-10-18 Isabelle Dugas

Marriage Register to Francois Comeau