Thomas Cormier (1636 – 1689)

Name Thomas Cormier
Date of Birth 1636
Place of Birth  
Date of Marriage 1668
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
Robert Cormier
Marie Pérault
Name Madeleine Girouard
Date of Birth  
Place of Birth  
Place of Marriage Port-Royal NS
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of
Francois Girouard
Jeanne Aucoin


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Marie-Madeleine Cormier      
Francois Cormier        
Marie-Anne Cormier            
Alexis Cormier        
Germain Cormier        
Pierre Cormier 1682     1703 Catherine LeBlanc
Claire Cormier          
Marie Cormier          
Agnes Cormier          
Jeanne Cormier          
Jeanne Cormier