Hector Cormier (1883 – 1963)

Name Joseph Hector Cormier
Date of Birth 1883-03-03
Place of Birth St. Marie de Kent NB
Place of Marriage St. Paul NB
Date of Death 1963-08-13
Place of Death
Son of
& of
Josué Cormier
Marie Melanson
Name Elise Breau
Date of Birth 1886-05-13
Place of Birth  
Date of Marriage 1908-06-29
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of
Dosithé Breau
Thérèse Marie Carberry


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Eric Cormier 1909-06-23    
Emile Cormier 1910-05-29   1982    
Dorice Cormier 1912-06-03   1987-05-24      
Edmond Cormier 1913-09-21      
Marie Cormier 1915-05-10      
Hélène Cormier 1916-09-04   2011-04-20 Annapolis Royal NS    
♱ Lydia Cormier 1918-10-25   2005    
Aurèle Cormier 1920-06-05   1980-01-01    
Zélia 1921-04-22        
♱ Noël Cormier, cjm 1923-12-12   2010-07-01    
♱ Clarence Comier, cjm 1925-07-18   1993-06-22    
Laurie Cormier 1926-09-15        
Lorraine Cormier 1928-04-27        
Rose-Aimée Cormier 1930-12-13        
Yvon Cormier          


Hector Cormier circa 1950s

Family photo with Hector above the two priests (his sons) Nöel & Clarence Cormier. Hélène Cormier far right.
L-R: unkown, Dr. Julius (glasses), unknown, Leonard Comeau with son, Hector Comier behind Nöel Cormier and Arlette Comeau, Clarence Cormier with Denise Comeau, Hélène Cormier, possible Gaston Comeau in far corner.

Hector Cormier, circa June 1959. Photo by Jean-Eudes Comeau

Marie Cormier (left), Hector Cormier, Zelia Cormier & possibly Rose-Aimée Cormier, circa August 1962. Photo by Jean-Eudes Comeau