Timothy Comeau's Genealogy

My Parents
Gaston Comeau
Helen Osgood

As a half-Acadian, I have a well documented genealogy for my Comeau ancestors.

I became interested in this as a teenager, and in 1990 I visited the genealogical centre at the Université de Sainte Anne in Church Point Nova Scotia where I was obtained photocopies of the family history as it was known at that time. Over the years, I've also collected information regarding the other branches of my family.

I wanted to break away from the traditional tree-model of a family history and create something that could be easily accessed on a screen, especially a tablet. Over the years I've tried genealogical software, but at this point I want basic future-proof files not tied to a specific program, and to that end I've coded them as basic HTML files.

Borrowing the formatting from the Sainte Anne genealogy as it was provided to me in 1990, a format developed for landscape 8.5 x 11 paper, I reproduced their tables - two at the top for the individual and their spouse, followed by a table of children.

scan of the Université St. Anne provided genealogy for Pierre Comeau (1597)

Other Family Lines
Other Family Lines
Mitochondrial Maternal Line