Jean-Eudes Comeau (1914 – 1986)

Name Jean-Eudes Comeau dr, ojc
Ordre Jacques Cartier
Date of Birth 1914-09-16
Place of Birth Comeauville NS
Date of Marriage 1943-09-28
Date of Death 1986-02-23
Place of Death Kentville NS
Son of
& of
Charles Celestin Comeau
Marie Anne Comeau
Name Hélène Cormier
Date of Birth 1916-09-04
Place of Birth St Marie de Kent, NB
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death 2011-04-20
Place of Death Annapolis Royal NS
Daughter of
& of
Hector Cormier
Elise Breau


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Gaston 1945 Digby NS 1972 Helen Osgood
Timothy Comeau 1975 Toronto ON  
Michelle Comeau 1976 Toronto ON   2008 Scott Winfield
Arlette 1949 Digby NS 1986 Andrew Marsh
Phillipe Marsh 1987  
George Marsh 1990  
Denise rn
Registered Nurse
1951-08-12 Digby NS 2016-01-18 Halifax NS 1977 Russell Maillet
André Maillet 1980 Yarmouth NS  
Gilles Maillet 1984 Yarmouth NS  
Alban dr 1953 Digby NS 1979 Berthe Amirault
Anique Comeau Yarmouth NS  
Claude 1954 Digby NS 1981 Gail MacAlpine
Joël Comeau 1986 Yarmouth NS  
Réjean Comeau 1989 Yarmouth NS   2019 Krystal Comeau
Marcia 1957-01-19 Digby NS 1980-08-23    
Angele 1959-08-01 Digby NS 1959-08-04    
New Dentist Article in Le Petit Courier (July 1943) (Page 1), Nova Scotia Archives.
New Dentist Article in Le Petit Courier (July 1943) (Page 2), Nova Scotia Archives.
Marriage Certificate (September 1943)
As of August 1961, he was a Grand Chevalier in L'Ordre Jacques Cartier (Documentary trailer)

Obituary on the front page of Le Courier (March 1986), Nova Scotia Archives