George Hutcheon (1846 – 1911)

Name George Hutcheon
Date of Birth 1846-06-07
Place of Birth Fordoun, Kincardine, Scotland
Date of Marriage 1874-06-20
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
James Hutcheon
Ann Croll
Name Jane Gall
Date of Birth  
Place of Birth  
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of
William Gall
Jean Petrie


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Myrtle     1905    

George, b 7 June 1846 in Fordoun, Kincardine, Scotland. He became a blacksmith who first immigrated to Eau Claire, Wisconsin where he married Jane Gall of Scotland on June 20, 1874. She was the daughter of William Gall and Jean Petrie. They had four children there viz. Annie, James, Millie and William. They later moved to Dayton, Washington where Myrtle was born. William died as a young person and James never married and had no children. Myrtle died in 1905 at 23 years of age with no children. George died in 1911. While the Hutcheon name did not survive there is “Hutcheon” blood in the area. The family information was obtained from Bob Couch who is the great-grandson of Millie, George’s daughter. – Robert Osgood, The Hutcheons in Canada