James Hutcheon (1843 – 1926)

Name James Hutcheon
Date of Birth 1843-05-24
Place of Birth Laurencekirk, Kincardine, Scotland
Date of Marriage  
Date of Death 1926-03-31
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
James Hutcheon
Ann Croll
Date of Birth  
Place of Birth  
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of

From Robert Osgood's The Hutcheons in Canada:

James Hutcheon came to Canada as part of the Scotch Colony settlers in 1873. He never married and died in New Brunswick in 1926.

James arrived in Canada as a settler from Arbroth Scotland in1873 on the S.S. Castalia with 529 others bound for the new settlement of New Kinkardineshire that came to be known as the “Scotch Colony”.

It is recorded that his 100 acre grant was lot #43 located on the Stonehaven Road. The grant was registered on the 21 January 1882. Grant number 18514. This means that James was in compliance with the land grant agreement.

James was a painter and paper hanger and he eventually worked at his trade full time. It is recorded that he was a great walker and could take jobs far from home and walk daily to the job. As was the style among the Scots he had a nick name which was “Positively, well, well, well.” It is also recorded that he was somewhat of an entertainer as he is listed as a performer at a Burns Night concert in 1893. It is also on record that he was elected a Deacon in the church during the pastorate of Rev. Peter Melville 1875 to 1878.

Dolly, the granddaughter of Alexander, remembers her Uncle Jim as being a very short extremely neat man who spoke in “the tongue” mostly. It was said that when he was to “muresco” a ceiling he would be personally affronted if asked about not having a drop cloth.

It is recorded that he died in the colony on March 31, 1926. He had been in Canada for 53 years. Upon his death the farm was left to his nephew Lewis. While he may have died in the colony he is not buried there.