Rosalie Theriault (b. 1808)

Name Rosalie Theriault
Date of Birth 1808-04-10
Place of Birth St. Mary's Bay NS
Date of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Daughter of
& of
"Petit" Jean Theriault
Monique Gaudet
Name Charles Comeau
Date of Birth 1800-04-04
Place of Birth  
Place of Marriage  
Date of Death  
Place of Death  
Son of
& of
Joseph "Ho"
Anne Thibodeau


Name D.o.b Place of Birth D.o.d Place of Death Date of Marriage Spouse
Madeleine Comeau 1831-10-29    
Barbe Charlotte Comeau 1833-12-03     Charlitte LeBlanc
Agathe Elizabeth Comeau 1836-02-02         Augustin Melanson
Joseph Comeau 1838-09-14 St Marys Bay NS 1908-11-22 1864-11-15 Rosalie Comeau
Alphone Gregoire 1865-08-30 Bangor 1933-11-04 Marcelline Trahan
Marie Anne 1867-03-22   1953-11-04 1889-05-07 Louise Comeau
Isaïe Charles 1868-10-26   1885-11-04
Joseph Moïse 1870-06-22   1955-09-07 Agathe Melanson
Marie Melvina 1872-11-15   1885-08-12
Marie Neomie 1873-10-13   1892-11-12  
Marie Elizabeth 1875-03-15   1957-08-06 Paul Maillet
Marie Rosalie Adelaide 1877-02-15   1967-06-15
George Philippe 1878-03-15   1965-11-29 Comeauville 1912-07-02 Thérèse Comeau
Marie Adèle 1881-06-20   1881-08-03
Marie Célina 1881-06-20   1891-12-07
Charles Celestin 1883-05-17   1971-11-26 Marianne Comeau
Léa Melanson
Jeanne Francoise Comeau 1841-03-03

first photo of Rosalie Theriault with kerchief second photo of Rosalie Theriault with book
Note (2005) by Denise Comeau Maillet (1951-2016): Picture of Rosalie Theriault, married to Charles Comeau - grandmother to Charles à Jos. Note she also wore a kerchief. Colourized 2023. Note (2005) by Denise Comeau Maillet (1951-2016): Picture of same Rosalie as an older woman. She's holding a book, bible or photo album. I'm wondering if it's a book, could she read? Not an attractive older lady is she? Colourized 2023.

Rosalie’s chair

(From of note 1999-09-09): Through Charles Celestin à Joe à Rosalie (1883-1971): Rosalie Theriault was Charles’ grandmother, and he remembered her sitting in the chair knitting by the fireplace. As the embers died down she would shift the chair closer to the fire, and by doing so wore it down into the slant that it shows today.

The chair is currently within the family. Photo 2023:

photograph of old 19th Century chair used by Rosalie Theriault